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Coral Way

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    Dear client due to the variety of our large Latin food we recommend you to call to the area of your preference for better assistant.

    Juices and Sandwich

    Natural Juices, Fresh cut fruits, Stake sandwich and more…

    (305)269-5116 / (305)269-4961

    Fish and Seafood

    Fry fish, Paella, Shrimp and more…

    (305)269-5116 / (305)269-4961


    Beef stew with potatoes, Imperial rice, Shredded beef and more…

    (305)269-5116 / (305)269-4961

    Cuban Food

    Sucking pig, Fried chunk pork, fried pork skin and more…

    (305)269-5116 / (305)269-4961