About us


Our business was started in 1977 by Reinaldo and Apolonia Bermudez in a small building at the corner of the famous Flagler Street and 57th Avenue, Miami, Florida as a small sale of takeaway.

The business continued to grow gradually with the addition of native and tropical fruits, until eventually, Cuban traditional food was added to the menu. Since then it has kept the original concept of an open-air restaurant along with our signature vibrant yellow and red awning.


For many years we’ve served our community in South Florida, providing great service and serving traditional Cuban cuisine including delicious meals, juices, candies, and other products. We look forward to sharing our flavors with the rest of Miami and have plans to expand to other parts of the U.S. as well. We are committed to providing an authentic place to enjoy a Latino family atmosphere along with delicious food.

Our customers’ agree that our variety of meals, juices, sweets, fruits is unparalleled. We’re here to provide great customer service and top quality Cuban food along with a cozy family atmosphere.


What our customers say that sets us apart is the variety of our meals, juices, sweets, fruits and others describe in a few words is difficult but what our customers more comets is the quality of our Cuban food with Latin flavor and family care receiving the reach of our locations without doubt our customers are paramount to us

The food

For over 20 years we have spent creating delectable Cuban meals while bringing together our Latin American community with a dash of Caribbean.

We make sure our ingredients are carefully selected and prepared to perfection.

Some of our specialties include Relish, Lechon, Paticas pork, Cuban ham, Rabo power, and Breakfast Cubano. We also have our specialty drink, Mamey, in addition to many other tasty drinks. We look forward to giving you an authentic Cuban experience!

Our Community

Our staff consists mostly of Cubans, but we have many Latino brothers on staff as well. We strive for quality and would be pleased to introduce you to our cuisine.